Unwind To The Relax Beat

Unwind To The Relax Beat

Unwind To The Relax Beat

Are you planning on a relaxing weekend trip? Is it become difficult to choose the perfect destination? Things can be easily managed by getting more ideas about a trip that will touch your soul and takes you higher. Dooars region is indeed the best choice for nature lovers to express their love for the beautiful natural offerings along with the chance to unfold the hidden chapters. Spending time in the lap of nature where the surrounding is full of greenery along with the option to do some adventure. Putting your mind in setting the goals and getting more close to nature is possible by visiting Dooars in your upcoming weekend. Rivers, tea gardens, forest reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, the abundance of flora and fauna will give you all the reason to make the trip even more special and exciting. Reveal your expectations by reaching the place and stay in a resort in Dooars Lataguri where the management takes the best care of your belongings with warm hospitality.

Rejuvenate Yourself

Listen to the Birds

The best part of the Dooars trip is all about listening to the chirping of birds and giving more attention to the beautiful surroundings. Lataguri connects you with the amazing corners of Dooars where bird watching is a special treat to your soul. The watch-tower is located near to the resort and you can enjoy your evening listening to the birds. Different species of migratory birds are available in the region and it is easy to get connect with nature.

Stay explore and rejuvenate with the best Resort in Dooars Lataguri

Go for a nature walk

If you are not getting enough time to explore nature then you should go for a walk into nature. After spending a great time in the resort in Dooars Lataguri you will enjoy the walk within the beautiful villages of the region. The nature walk will introduce many new chapters of your life with the chance of reconnecting with peace and tranquillity. Things can be better experienced by meeting new people who tell you about their relationship with nature.

Experience Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is the most common activity for tourists during their visit to the region. Exploring Gorumara National Park by riding over the elephant is something you must enjoy during your visit. The tour guide will help you to identify the mammals, birds and reptiles along with the safety during the adventure trail.

Look into the unexplored part of nature where things can be better experienced with the facilities offered by the resort in Dooars Lataguri available at an affordable rate.

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