Worthy Information For Travelling Safely in Dooars

Worthy Information For Travelling Safely in Dooars

Worthy Information For Travelling Safely in Dooars

Adventure and excitement force a person to go beyond the limit but somehow it becomes essential to maintain safety and security. A successful trip demands more attention towards the safety measures especially when someone is looking for a jungle safari. Travelling is all about exploring a new destination and discover the culture of the place. Dooars located in the northern part of West Bengal attracts tourists across the globe and is popular for the variety of wild creatures. Resort in Dooars Lataguri provides quality accommodation for the tourists for finding comfort and convenience.

Leopard, Indian Gaur, One-horned Rhinoceros, Snakes, Reptiles and different species of birds will give you the reasons to love this region. Jungle safari through the tall trees and full of greenery adds an interesting chapter to your life. But before starting the trail it is important to get aware of the tips that make your safari more enjoyable and happening.

Tips for making the trip safe and secure

Follow the rules

Jungle safari is possible through a Jeep or by riding over an elephant. Both ways will add excitement and fun into one’s life. But while managing the time to go for the adventurous trail one should follow the rules and regulations provided by the authorities. Stay inside the Jeep and seat properly over the elephant while enjoying the safari in the deep jungle.

Never tease the animals

One must follow this rule while coping up with the adventure trail because making noise or teasing the animals or wild creatures might be resulted in dangerous consequences. It is better to enjoy the beauty of nature by maintaining silence during the trail. Clicking photographs is allowed to give you the chance for capturing the special moments.

Keep the windows up

If you are enjoying the jungle safari through a jeep then you should keep the windows closed for security reasons. The wild creatures may react and harm you for many reasons so it is better to visualize the beauty by sitting inside the Jeep. Prevention is always better to keep the things under control instead of arising any issue.

Don’t walk around at night

The management in the resort in Dooars Lataguri will warn you to not go outside during the night. Going outside the resort premises during the night is a bit risky for you. Such tips and guidelines will help you to make the trip safe and secure in a true sense.

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