Forest with Diversity of Wilderness All Around

Forest with Diversity of Wilderness All Around

Forest with Diversity of Wilderness All Around

The greenery is one of the main things that you will see in Lataguri. The green view of the tea gardens and the immense forest surely allures the eyes of the visitors in Lataguri. If you have not been to resort in Dooars or heard about it from the others then, you are missing something amazing for your holiday. It is a glorious paradise part of Dooars region in West Bengal.

As mentioned, Lataguri has always been the centre of attraction for green forest and the wilderness which can be seen via adventure activity. Here the accommodation and hospitality rank top all due to the inclusion of a resort in Dooars in Lataguri, from where the wilderness is really close to exploring.

Gorumara National Park, the weekend fun near the resort

If you are up for the weekend tour in Dooars region then, don’t forget to explore the famous Gorumara National Park. It is one of the main reasons why most of the visitors arrive at Lataguri and stay at the resort for at least a couple of days.

Every destination in the world has its own specialty to showcase to the visitors. And the specialty that you will find in Dooars is the great wild habitat and you may not find the better area than Gorumara National Park to see the wilderness.

The fun of staying at the resort is a different thing in Lataguri, because in the way it feels like home and in other it feels like you’ve been staying in the lap of nature. Now, if you add the wonderful experience of exploring the famous national park of the region then, the weekend stay will be more delightful and dazzling.

This medium-sized national park of Dooars which got the Indian National Park status on 31st January 1994 is famous for a large population of Indian Rhinoceros. This is the main highlighting attraction for you which you will witness by doing the jungle safari inside the deep green forests.

You can enjoy the adventure of the jungle safari in jeep or elephant ride, these two activities you will not forget for a long time. Look at the glorious green nature right in front of you with a soothing and comfortable climate to enjoy along with views of Leopards, One-Horned Rhinos, Bison, Deer, Elephant, King Cobra and Python during the safari.

Therefore, remember that resort in Dooars in Lataguri is the root or the epicenter to enjoy the wilderness of the green hamlet region.

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